Medicare done-for-you by a licensed expert at no cost

2/3 of seniors find Medicare confusing. All the parts, plans, and penalties can be intimidating. My done-for-you Medicare service takes care of all things Medicare for you, from enrollment to year-round service, for free.

Never Captured. Always independent.

Being licensed to offer policies from all the leading providers helps us keep your long-term health and financial security at the forefront.

No fee ever... seriously

The government tells each provider how much to compensate us to enroll you and provide service. Since they pay me, you don’t have to.

Year-round service

Once I become your broker, I will be available year round to answer questions and even go to bat for you if you have an issue.

Offer all the top providers

Unlike other agents who are only paid to sell you one product, the Brokers at MIG remain independent so we can focus on our clients’ satisfaction.

A history of client success.

My company, Midwest Insurance Group, is one of the most trusted insurance brokerages in the Midwest.

18+ years

As an independent brokerage


Happy clients

Our foolproof 4-step 



Intro call to get acquainted

Before we look at any plans, I need to get to know you and help you understand Medicare basics. This usually starts with a casual 15-min phone call.

Needs & wants advisory

Next, I will use your medical and drug details to run a cost/benefit analysis to find the plan most suitable for your needs (first) and your wants (second).

Member enrollment

Once we find the best plan for you, upon your understanding and consent, we will enroll you in Parts A & B and C or D/E, (we don’t expect you to know what all that means)

Year-round service and check-ins

You will be able to contact Braden year-round with questions or concerns. To ensure your needs are met, I offer an (optional) annual check-in to see if the plan still meet your needs and wants.

Full-service brokerage

What's included in this service?

As your broker, I will:

Deeply understand your situation

Help you enroll in parts A, B, C, and D (as needed)

Find the Medicare plan that best fits your needs

Enroll you in that plan

Be available year-round for questions

Follow up with you regularly

Go to bat for you with problems/claims

Notify you of changes to your plan each year

Reassess your situation each year

Adjust your policy as needed

"They will not pressure you into making any purchases.  But they will certainly inform you, guide you, and walk you through the often confusing process of finding an insurance policy that meets your needs."

Stephen Willcox

Davenport, IA

Medicare Mastery
Rather start with education?

Free Medicare Mastery Course Bundle

This no-fluff Medicare-101-style video course took me over a month to put together, and it’s the culmination of years in the Medicare business.

Meet your 


Braden is a licensed insurance broker and ACA expert. Whether you're self-employed, grappling with COBRA premiums, or bridging the gap to Medicare, Braden simplifies the ACA maze for you. With tailored guidance, he ensures you find the right coverage at the right price. Say goodbye to healthcare confusion—connect with Braden today and take charge of your healthcare journey!

Medicare's confusing.

I do it for you

for free.

Frequently asked

Do you offer Medigap and Advantage plans?
What is Midwest Insurance Group (MIG)?

Midwest Insurance Group (MIG) is a trusted insurance brokerage with a proven track record of client success. For over 18 years, MIG has been serving individuals and businesses in the Midwest, offering comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to their needs. As an independent brokerage, MIG prioritizes client satisfaction and remains unbiased in recommending insurance plans. With a focus on long-term health and financial security, MIG is committed to providing exceptional service and support to all clients.

Are you licensed and certified?

Yes, Braden is a licensed insurance broker with expertise in Medicare. He is fully certified to assist individuals in enrolling in Medicare plans and navigating the Medicare system. You can trust in Braden's knowledge and professionalism to provide accurate information and reliable guidance throughout your Medicare journey.

How do you know which plan is best?

Determining the best Medicare plan for you involves a thorough evaluation of your medical needs, prescription drugs, and personal preferences. Our 4-step process begins with an introductory call to get acquainted and understand your requirements. We then conduct a needs and wants advisory session, followed by member enrollment in the chosen plan. Throughout this process, Braden provides expert guidance to ensure you select a plan that aligns with your healthcare needs and budget.

What if my situation is unusual?

No matter how unique your situation may be, our licensed expert, Braden, is equipped to handle it. With years of experience navigating the complexities of Medicare, Braden can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs and circumstances. From understanding your medical and drug details to enrolling you in the most suitable plan, we ensure personalized assistance every step of the way.

Why are your services free?

Our services are free because we are compensated by the government to enroll individuals in Medicare plans. Medicare sets the compensation rates for brokers, so you don't have to worry about any additional costs when utilizing our expertise. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive Medicare guidance at no expense to you.

Meet w/ Braden at no cost 👉
Free consultation
Free consultation