Legacy Planning Map

Navigate legal documents in retirement

A simple 7-step roadmap designed to keep you organized as you draft essential documents like trusts and powers of attorney, ensuring your loved ones are cared for.

Why you need the 

Legacy Planning Map

Less than half of Americans over the age of 55 have a will in place in 2024 (43%).

While it can be scary, or even depressing, thinking about what happens after you die, it can be the root cause of much of the stress you feel in retirement.

And it’s not just your will...Documents like trusts, living trusts, health power of attorney, financial power of attorney, guardianship designations, and more will help you feel confident that your loved ones will be taken care of.

But where do you even start?!

Although I am not an attorney, I help people navigate retirement every day, and I know legal matters are overwhelming.

To help simplify the process, this roadmap will help you get all of your legal plans and documents in order (with the help of a professional attorney, of course).

I'm Braden Mosley. I help people gain peace-of-mind in retirement.

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