Earn steady income and protect your nest egg an annuity

Afraid of outliving your income? Afraid that a recession will wipe out half of your nest egg? Whether you have a 401k, 403b, or IRA, I can help you roll it over into an annuity for long-term, steady income. I handle all things annuities for my clients.

Never Captured. Always independent.

Being licensed to offer policies from all the leading providers helps us keep your long-term health and financial security at the forefront.

No fee ever... seriously

The government tells each provider how much to compensate us to enroll you and provide service. Since they pay me, you don’t have to.

Year-round service

Once I become your broker, I will be available year round to answer questions and even go to bat for you if you have an issue.

Offer all the top providers

Unlike other agents who are only paid to sell you one product, the Brokers at MIG remain independent so we can focus on our clients’ satisfaction.

A history of client success.

My company, Midwest Insurance Group, is one of the most trusted insurance brokerages in the Midwest.

18+ years

As an independent brokerage


Happy clients

Our foolproof 4-step 



Intro call to get acquainted

We'll begin with an introductory discussion to understand your financial goals and retirement needs. During this consultation, we'll also cover the basics of annuities and how they fit into your overall retirement strategy.

Needs & wants advisory

Based on your retirement objectives and risk tolerance, I'll conduct a thorough assessment to determine the most suitable annuity options for you. Whether it's a fixed, variable, or indexed annuity, I'll tailor the recommendations to align with your preferences and financial situation.

Member enrollment

Once we've identified the right annuity for you, I'll assist you with the application process and any necessary rollovers from existing retirement accounts. I'll handle the paperwork and ensure a seamless transition to your new annuity, making the process as straightforward as possible for you.

Year-round service and check-ins

You will be able to contact Braden year-round with questions or concerns. To ensure your needs are met, I offer an (optional) annual check-in to see if the plan still meet your needs and wants.

Full-service brokerage

What's included in this service?

As your broker, I will:

Deeply understand your situation

Teach you the different types of annuities

Run quotes and present options

Fund the optimal annuity product (401k/403b/IRA rollover)

Be available year-round for questions

Follow up with you regularly

Go to bat for you with problems/claims

Notify you of changes to your plan each year

Reassess your situation each year

Adjust your policy as needed

"They will not pressure you into making any purchases.  But they will certainly inform you, guide you, and walk you through the often confusing process of finding an insurance policy that meets your needs."

Stephen Willcox

Davenport, IA

Rather start with education?

Meet your 


Braden Mosley is your annuity expert dedicated to securing your financial future. Worried about outliving your income? Braden specializes in helping individuals like you explore annuity options to provide a reliable stream of income for life. With his personalized approach and in-depth knowledge, he tailors solutions to match your needs and goals. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty—connect with Braden today and take the first step towards a worry-free retirement.

Steady Income annuity.

Done for you.

for free.

Frequently asked

How does Midwest Insurance Group ensure client satisfaction with annuities?

Midwest Insurance Group (MIG) is a trusted insurance brokerage with a history of client success spanning over 18 years. As an independent brokerage, we remain unbiased and focused on our clients' satisfaction. With Braden's expertise as an annuity specialist, he provides personalized service and tailored solutions to secure your financial future. From understanding your situation to funding the optimal annuity product, MIG is committed to guiding you through the process and ensuring a worry-free retirement.

What ongoing support do you provide after enrolling in an annuity?

Once enrolled in an annuity, you can rely on our year-round service and support. Braden, our annuity expert, is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. We also offer optional annual check-ins to ensure your annuity continues to meet your needs and goals. Additionally, we provide regular updates on your plan and assist with any issues or claims that may arise.

How do I know which type of annuity is best for me?

Choosing the right annuity depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and retirement objectives. Our 4-step process begins with an introductory call to understand your needs and cover the basics of annuities. We then conduct a thorough assessment to determine the most suitable annuity options for you, whether it's a fixed, variable, or indexed annuity. With our expertise, we tailor recommendations to align with your preferences and financial situation.

Are there any fees associated with your annuity service?

No, our annuity service is completely free of charge for our clients. We are compensated by the provider to enroll individuals in annuity plans, so there are no fees or hidden costs involved. Our priority is to help you secure your financial future without any financial burden on your end.

How can an annuity help me earn steady income for life?

An annuity can provide you with a reliable stream of income throughout your retirement years, helping alleviate concerns about outliving your savings. By rolling over your 401k, 403b, or IRA into an annuity, you can secure long-term financial stability and peace of mind. Our annuity service specializes in guiding you through this process to ensure you receive steady income for life.

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