Longevity Tracker Spreadsheet

Track your health to live healthier, longer.

As a health nut, I made this spreadsheet to help you monitor vital biomarkers like body composition and blood pressure to maintain optimal health as you age. Easily track progress and share data with professionals for better care.

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Why you need the 

Longevity Tracker Spreadsheet

If you had to choose between living 40 years of painful illness or 20 years of vibrant health, which would you choose?

Probably the latter.

What good is a longer life without health?

This is the “lifespan vs healthspan” conversation.

Lifespan is the duration you live, while healthspan is the period of time within that lifespan when you enjoy optimal health.

Thankfully, staying healthy is also the key to living longer. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too.

As a fitness enthusiast, I believe tracking your fitness data over time is a great way to ensure you are staying fit.

There are a handful of biomarkers that correlate to a high quality healthspan, like your body composition, VO2 max, grip strength, blood pressure, and resting hart rate.

I made a simple spreadsheet that will allow you to log your measurements and see how they are improving or declining over time.

It comes pre-loaded with charts, so all you have to do is enter a handful of numbers every few months.

Not only will this help you see how your health is trending over time, but you can also show your doctor or personal trainer the data to help them provide better care.

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