I'm Braden Mosley. I help people gain peace-of-mind in retirement.

I help people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s decrease their expenses and maximize their wealth through my weekly Newsletter, Retirement Reimagined, and my professional services as a life, health and annuity insurance broker.

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Being licensed to offer policies from all the leading providers helps us keep your long-term health and financial security at the forefront.

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 topics to help you thrive in retirement.


Financial Freedom

How to live your golden years on your own terms with the help of financial frameworks.


Medicare & Health Insurance

How to navigate the confusing world of Medicare with ease, and find the right plan for your unique situation.


Life Insurance

Take care of the people who matter most to you without being taken advantage of by shady agents.


Investing & Personal Finance

How to use different investments, like stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts to your advantage in retirement.


Passion Projects

Whether you want to start a non-profit, build a business, or find a new hobby, it's time to feed your passions.


Fitness & Biological age

How to stay young and spry with science-backed fitness tips from a fitness fanatic.


Life philosophy

Meditations on the subject of life, purpose, and happiness.


Social Security

Navigate the complexities of the Social Security program to maximize your benefits.


Health Insurance

Understanding COBRA, ACA (Obamacare), employer group coverage, and self-insurance.

My professional services


2/3 of seniors find Medicare confusing. All the parts, plans, and penalties can be intimidating. My done-for-you Medicare service takes care of all things Medicare for you, from enrollment to year-round service, for free.

Group Medicare

Elevate your employee benefits with Group Medicare. I'll help you create custom-tailored plans designed specifically for your team, complete with hassle-free enrollment. And the best part? There's no cost to you.

ACA / Obamacare

Stuck paying massive COBRA premiums? Need to bridge the gap from retirement to Medicare? Currently self-employed? I'll help you find the most affordable non-employer health plans through the Healthcare.gov marketplace at no cost.


Afraid of outliving your income? Whether you have a 401k, 403b, or IRA, I can help you roll it over into an annuity for long-term, steady income. I handle all things annuities for my clients free of charge.

Life Insurance

In a world of silver-tongued salesmen, finding the right life insurance can be daunting, with 40% of adults still uninsured. From assessing your needs to securing the best policy, I help you protect your family's future at no cost.

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